Accommodation Pricing and Information

We are required by the Federal Government to publish and provide new residents with information regarding our rooms, services and pricing.

Broadly there are three types of charges:

  1. Basic Daily fee – set by the Government and payable by every resident currently $61.96/day (based on 85% of the single aged pension).
  2. A Means Tested fee – this is determined by Centrelink and will be advised to you and Tandara in writing. Tandara is required to collect this fee on behalf of the Government.
  3. Residents have the choice to pay for their accommodation either as a refundable deposit (a lump sum also known as a Refundable Accommodation Payment or “RAD”) or an equivalent daily payment (a periodic payment also known as a Daily Accommodation Payment or “DAP”) or a combination of both. These charges may apply or depending upon your individual financial circumstances or they may be partially or fully subsidised by the Government.
  Description DAP RAD
Single Room ensuite

High quality room
Private ensuite

$91.40/day $400,000


A resident may choose to pay a combination of part RAD and part DAP for example $400,000 room using $100,000 refundable deposit (RAD) and the remaining $300,000 as a DAP of $68.54 this amount is calculated by applying the maximum permissible interest rate to the RAD amount for the room).

Important Note: Accommodation pricing is negotiable between the resident and the provider. The prices listed above are maximum prices listed as required by legislation.

Please note:

  • The rates listed above are subject to change.
  • For concessional/fully supported residents the above accommodation charges do not apply.
  • The default payment is the DAP.
  • New residents have 28 days to select the method of payment.
  • For more information about our services and facilities refer to our Information Brochure.
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